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Our projects:

Quality control

The company "Rosplast" pays special attention to quality control of products.

Molds — technically quite complex products, in addition, its characteristics determine the quality of products our customers. Therefore, control is performed at all stages of production of the press. This could include the control of the details, as well as mathematical modeling of the process of molding plastics. We use the latest version of "Siemens Unigraphics" and "MoldFlow" in order to achieve the best possible result.

Computer simulation of plastic injection

Our company uses the most accurate and advanced techniques, so to control the size used 3-axisle test machine. They are also actively used in tracking metalworking processes (milling and turning). Details necessarily pass control department of technical control. For the production of mold more than knowledge of the exact size needed further monitoring of the technological process in the dynamics. To fully present the process and to predict it over under different conditions, using mathematical modeling.

We are pleased to more fully answer your questions about quality control of products "Rosplast".

Rosplast — a form of your success
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