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Hot runner molds

Hot runner molds are one of the most promising areas of the production company "Rosplast".

For the delivery of thermoplastic plastics, machine used runners of two main types: hot runner and cold runner. In hot runner system of the material is fed into the molten state. Before mold to start work runner the system must be heated. During the whole cycle of the polymer in the system is in a viscous state. This scheme allows to avoid solidified plastic gates which fall after the mold. This allows products with high quality, economical way to spend a polymeric material.

Hot runner system


Molds with hot runner systems can apply plastic injection machine less injection. Time cooling casting declining. All these factors indicate a greater productivity of these molds, the good quality products.

Hot runner systems have their drawbacks. In addition to the high cost of this includes the complexity of service, high energy costs, the need for more powerful cooling system.

The company "Rosplast" has the opportunity to make molds with hot runner systems, using modern technology and their own unique development.

Rosplast — a form of your success
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