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Blow molds

To date, very popular variety of types of plastic packaging. Every year, increasing the production of beverages: beer, sour-milk drinks, water and various other All this requires high-quality packaging, which would be consistent with not only the manufacturer's request, but also hygienic.

The company "Rosplast" produces pressformy blowing plastic packaging.

Over the years, the work of our experts have developed a huge amount of mold blowing. Then they went into the production of a wide variety of types of plastic packaging, mainly bottles. Were designed standard and the specific configuration of the bottom and neck, the volume of packaging to 20 liters.

Mold blowing a member of the unit, it may blowing one or multiple bottles. The very molds consists of two side matrix, which matched top part removable insert. Inside matrix match the form and size of the bottle, and their polished surface. In our molds a powerful cooling system that significantly increases the productivity of the process.

Design of molds for blowing carried out by experts of high class. This is supported by certificates of quality for plastic products, and thanks to our regular customers.

Taking an order for mold manufacturing, we have a clear focus on excellent results and high quality product. As you can see the finished product in our industry portal

Rosplast — a form of your success
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