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Manufacturing moulds — the main thrust of the company "Rosplast". Today in Russia every day up output of plastic products and parts. And in this situation, manufacturers need to constantly reaffirm the quality of their products. And it is not possible without a good equipment, in particular - without a good plastic injection mold.

"Rosplast" since 1998, designs and produces molds of the highest quality, and any difficulty. We have then decided to take the full cycle of production. On the one hand this was due to the economic benefits: not referring to third-party companies, we avoid increasing the cost. On the other hand the company "Rosplast" prefers to be confident that the process of production has been technologically correct, and to assume full responsibility for the quality of mold.

Before the plant will be finished plastic molds, should take several steps:

- Analysis of the characteristics of plastic, the definition of requirements for molds, design drawings,
- Definition of the best provisions of parts (technologically and economically the most profitable for the manufacturer)
- Design details molds (Runners, pusher, sending columns, surface, ejectors, etc.)
- Mold manufacturing Machining
- Testing and debugging

Injection mould includes several components: forming, runners, pushers, the cooling system and ventilation system for sending and center of the form.

Mold design and construction requires special attention for optimal product quality and reliable molding.A detailed specification is required in

- product shape and tolerances
- mold in relation to molding equipment
- parting lines; venting
- number of cavities
- runner lay-out and gating system
- ejection system
- cooling system lay-out
- type of tool steel
- surface finish.

Normal mold

Most of the time mold is made for the casting of a single product. There are also forms with various press outlets simultaneously casting parts of various shapes. However, in order to evenly fill a form of plastic needed to choose the right runners.

Universally considered molds in which forming components can be changed for the casting of plastic products.After casting the product must be removed. To do this, there is a system of pushing.

The scheme of double ejectors

It can be a mechanical or pneumatic or a combination. Often used push plate, rod, tube and flat pushers.
For products with special kinds of threads used ejectors.

Screw pushers

Runners system can be cold runner system and hot runner system. Each of these systems has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Only after a thorough review of the technical characteristics and work of the press shall form the client. It is attached instruction and safety assurance, as well as all the drawings.

Our works:

You can download a three-dimensional model pressormy developed us, to view in 3D, you do not need to install additional programs.
[8,5Мб 3D-model]

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