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The huge proportion of parts produced in machine-building, make up the details that are processed at the lathe. Turning — is handling the workpiece severely roundabouts and traffic flow perpendicular to the direction of cutting. Turning produced nuts, shafts, discs, flanges, rings, bushings, axles and other parts. Basically, turning the work done when cutting the inner and outer threads, processing exterior conical and cylindrical surfaces, drilling, processing of end faces and ledges.

The company «Rosplast» produces turning metal on modern equipment. We tried to include the work of machining centers established firms. Such centers have ample opportunity rough and finish turning. They make up a modern software that allows you to precisely define the parameters of the finished product and the process of turning.

High performance and accuracy of turning is combined with a low rate of marriage. All the products before letting the customer pass quality control.

Rosplast — a form of your success
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