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The company "Rosplast" offers milling work on the processing of various metals and alloys.

Milling — is handling the material using a circular motion (cutting) and traffic flow which is directed perpendicular to the main motion. Typically, milling works performed on the vertical and horizontal machines. We use cutters from various hard and superhard materials of high-speed steel. In recent times, are used in the past to develop — machining centers. They not only absorbed the latest technologies, but also have high performance and multi-functionality. The processing on the machines produced by drawings of the customer. If necessary, our specialists will develop a 3D-model.

"Rosplast" has the most recent models of machining centers. They make it possible to produce 5-axle metal. This function is very important and widely used. These machining centers offer high performance, allowing just a finite element program and the preparation process for a consolidation, secure in the work, have good performance. All this suggests a reduction of production cost and holding a favorable pricing policy of our company.

Rosplast — a form of your success
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