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A significant part of the production of "Rosplasta" took the metalworking.

From the quality of metal products directly dependent properties of the final product. This process is well metal billets difficult without modern equipment and machines. The company "Rosplast" monitors the latest developments in this area and is trying to include in the production of a modern multifunctional equipment. We use European machines and machining centers, the quality of work which has already been tested abroad. All our equipment has the necessary certificates. At the same time, we constantly monitor and the quality of our products. Park machines and machining centers allows us to take all kinds of processed products. Monitoring is conducted on all products throughout the processing cycle. Drawing to determine the size of parts 5th axis test machine, we are entrusted with confidence for their quality.

Metalworking blanks includes turning lathe (16 to 530 mm), milling (300h600 mm), drilling, grinding. "Rosplast" has the most modern metalworking points, which allow for 5-axle processing metal blanks, and lathes.

Orders for metal processing performed in the shortest possible time due to its high performance equipment and professional approach of our staff.

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Rosplast — a form of your success.
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