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Our projects:

Injection Molding

The company "Rosplast" offers its clients a professional plastic molding under pressure. If you are the owner of injection molds, then you need specialist help to service the machine. With the material and intellectual resources, "Rosplast" with confidence you can have full support in this process.

In our machine park, there are machines with different volume of injection. This allows you to pick up the equipment so as to ensure high productivity, excellent product quality, optimum flow of material.

Plastic injection machines with minimum injection — 125 cm3. The maximum injection — 2250 cm3. Such broad borders make it possible to use a variety of molds. The maximum thickness of molding forms reaches 780 mm and a maximum clamping force plates — 5800 KN

In our arsenal of available sites of injection of foreign producers. Different types of these devices are designed to work on different plastic injection machine. We choose the equipment so that its technology and design features allow to obtain the greatest economic benefit.

After the completion of casting made control of all parameters of production, repair of possible defects.

"Rosplast" accepts orders for plastic molding under the pressure — if necessary, we will complete the calculation process and fulfill orders in the shortest possible time.

Our works:

Rosplast — a form of your success.
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